Only Hire Ugly Women.

Woe is the man with the empty wallet, who shall he hire to clean his house? Shall he do it himself? Nay! Nonsense, man shall not stand for that! But who to hire as he has little money? Alas no man will take this job! Only the likes of an ugly woman shall thirst for his money and his scrotum. These voluptuous and curvy demons of scorn will work twice as hard as the wenches with features of goddesses.

From his wallet come forth mere nickels, which the dog happily laps up. For too long has his wallet been sucked dry by succubuses which lack wit, but are gifted buxomly. He shall learn from his mistake, save his hard earned scraps for other worthy establishments.

Gladly they work, gladly they slave, for it is solely attention that which they crave. Forgotten by the upstanding men of society, and shunned from the jobs which pay well, let he stimulate the economy on a microscopic scale. Dispersing with cash for the endeavors of the home is a duty which must be fulfilled for the single man. Why slave over a building when for pennies on the dollar one can hire a wench to clean and cook?

The curvy demons of scorn pollute the city, but the ineptitude of these few can and will drive forth the lives of the single man who chooses to take part of the life of simplicity. With time saved, his excursions can venture forth into the territory in which the wench goddesses reside.