There once was a cisgender named Sue, his name was controversial to people like me and you. Everyone hated him and called him a kike, until the day he showed up with a spike. We were all wrong assuming he was cis, he proved us wrong with the point of his shiv.

He proudly declared at the end of the stabbing that he had begun dabbling in transgender babbling. His transgender name was the same as the cis, at the end of the day he would have some tits. Sue was glorious, a female/male to behold, though many began to cop feels oh no.

To get back at her former cisgender friends, she beaned them upside the head. She declared they were fags for their societal norms, beat them savagely back to their dorms. There they drank until no one could see, they all banged Sue in her fake pussy. 

This was revenge, to her cisgender friends, to have sex with a trans disgusted them to no end. She cackled and laughed as they broke off the caps of the cyanide pills they had stashed.

The End.