The Iron Maiden of the 21st Century

The spikes they drive deep…. Crushing they rip through the flesh, tearing apart the sinew, the skin and the microscopic bonds. Bleeding and wounded grievously the man gasps for his final breath as his words are extinguished in the sputtering cough.

Political correctness is the iron maiden of the modern age, ripped straight from the horrors of the Middle Ages, and with the bite of the Spanish Inquisition. To speak ones mind is heresy, to offend is preposterous. To do either can mean social suicide in the wrong circles. The thought police watch and wait, biding their time to sink their hooked claws into any poor soul which dare speak the wrong way.

Why must speaking ill of society garner such fierce retaliation? Simply put, the hivemind is in control. To break free is to break from the collectivist society, and to blaze a path towards and individualistic world view. To keep a society reigned in, measures must be taken to ensure that they all think the same.

Think of political correctness like brainwashing, instead of using sodium pentahol and hypnosis, instead ideas are drilled into the young so much that even thinking of a topic and discussing it with a parent could have drastic consequences.

However solid thecasting  of the iron maiden eventually it shall fall into disuse, as the users will realize that they must evolve and move past their sordid history. So friends, we must endure through the period of use of this iron maiden, or find a way to melt through its thickness.


One thought on “The Iron Maiden of the 21st Century

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