Why We Need To Arm The Children of America.

The idea is simple, we need change. Obviously the bureaucrats do not know, nor the teachers, the policeman, the fireman, or the Pope for that matter! We must arm them to change the world as it is full of naughty naughty people who are out to steal their lunch money to fund their offshore bank accounts!

I shall begin this trend, the rifles shall be the way to begin! After all, as it is supposedly the end of the world on this day, as told to me by the cleric Timothy Edmonds why not arm them? The doomsday shall not be wrought by the rotted corpses of the Mayans! It shall be wrought by the armed children of Texas as they themselves shall be the saviours of the North American continent. With them we shall purge the weak, with them we shall purge the unitiated! With them we shall create a whole new puppet society, with so many little cute marionettes that you cannot help but squeal in perfect harmony!

Oh how glorious it shall be with handguns and blazes of ammo galore! No Walmart shall be safe, no dimestore, nor the P.F Chang’s! They shall go forth and like a wildfire spread the message! The message of change, that the time is now! We shall take back our lunch money, we shall spill the bullies milk! We will cry with him and then we shall take his clothes and take them to Goodwill!

Arm them! Arm them! And then we shall arm the bears, as the bears have been armed the Second Amendment will have been fulflled! America shall arise, arise I say to it’s former glory. Back to the glorious days of bare knuckle boxing, and drinking whiskey through orifices not meant for liquor. We shall rise back, destroy the Internet, destroy the colliders, destroy the vile Twinkies!

The twinks themselves shall run, as we shall destroy their music as well. Oh Texas children, arise with me and bring forth thy apocalypse like a scourge upon the Earth that none hath seen since the burning of the Library of Alexandria! Thy drawls shall drawl on and on droning forth into the night with thy pitchforks in the air! Wall Street shall burn and we shall create a ticker tape parade not see since V-Day! Oh we shall march, and we shall be the drums, to the kick of your heart!

We shall arm you against the barbed words of the adults, and against the cancer that is sunlight! Armed with sunglasses, hats, and legals skills abounding. We shall sue, shoot and burn our way to a new and glorious future.

Cry forth into the night, oh my children…cry forth into the night. This morn we shall begin anew…


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