Rectal Bleeding and You

The blood it spurts forth in crimson tides, flowing forth upon thy porcelain palace. All hail real life percussions for butthurt gone awry, perhaps you have read one too many blog? One to many piece of information has burrowed its way into thy skull! Infuriation, despair, the feeling of pain. The body cannot handle any more, and thus exits, forcefully through the path of least resistance, thy rectum. Perhaps you will bleed, maybe even disembowel, no mortal man can survive this manly period, your flow is so heavy that you may not even make it another 30 minutes. A tampon perhaps? Nay, your fists shall block thy anal passage, an alabaster silk road which has been stained the horrid crimson red.

Shove, shove, shove, let the reverse labor begin, like a woman unbirthing her child your fist shall enter painfully into your anal cavity. Your hips shall shatter and you shall cry like a wench, your birthing hips are no match for the rage you feel about politics and religion, you filthy little bitch. Oh my, the blood has coagulated on the floor the effervescence steams forth, my my your blood is toxic! Why must you harbor such whiny feelings, let them flow forth like the blood, spill thy emotions and detach yourself from care. The true way is to be unhindered by that which you read, that which you see, and that which you know. Flow, softly and silently like  a river in a wooded Chinese grove, unseen by the patrols. Avoid the conflict, and let it avoid you as well.

You see this rectal bleeding has been brought forth by yourself, you being the insignificant puny individual you are, cries out when your feelings are hurt. You cry forth like a wounded rabbit caught in a snare, as if the information your nervous system has just processed has maimed you! Lies they are, you are perfectly fine, why not let the idiots lie? White knighting gets you nowhere, thy dick shall not be sated you fool! No women shall fall for your frivolous pursuit of morality! Shut thy mouth bitch and move on. Shove that tampon up your ass you woman, get over yourself and your petty morality. The bleeding will stop when you end your own suffering.


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