The end is nigh my friends. The time within which the young approach adulthood is fast approaching. I fear, I fear for them as  I fear for the bones lurking beneath my skin. Some may shatter, other may not. Place hope in the children that are like femurs, they shall stand strong and unwavering even under great pressure. 

Vote for them as we cast out the old in the barren halls of Congress. They who are feeble and quick to fall to the follies of lobbies. To replace them, is to take a step forward, to defeat them is a great triumph. Why must we be stuck in an endless cycle of incumbents? Why, this is such a simple question to answer, it is because the young lack teeth, teeth that have been stripped by the dentistry that is called ignorance. To ignore that which is fact is to live blissfully, who would like to be awakened to an era whereupon which dreams have no ability to be fulfilled? One would be a masochist to take off the lenses, to see the world as it truly is, a cesspool.

This era, an era of compliance, and era of falling forth at the feet of giants. Those that we have built so high, placed in esteem control the aspects of our lives. Why live simply? Because it is easy. Why not think? Because challenges take effort. Casting forth the idea of God, the void has been filled by that of the statesman, who else shall legislate our morality, if we ourselves seem to believe a higher power dictates what we can and cannot do?

This perspective upon which we  draw from, those seemingly above us, those which we have placed there and wholly forgotten that we gave them that power, it is sickening. 


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